ERA: Day Two

It’s clear that the focus is on fitness – even at ERA D2C. Booths for health and weight-loss supplements abound, but if pills aren’t your thing, it’s good to know you can slip into the Lipo Dress. Fitness equipment is a popular product for direct to consumer marketing, as evidenced by the self-boxing gear, the Perfect Push-Up and the…well, we didn’t catch what product this booth was marketing.

ListenUp Espanol, a Spanish language call-center firm, had crazy traffic at their booth. No breath mints or coozies here – they hired midgets and set up a photo booth. The gentleman manning the booth pointed out that in this economy, even incremental increases in revenue are reason to celebrate – which, apparently, was how they justified their decision. If profits rise as they hope, they plan to hire giants next year.
Call center applications, payment services and media buying were the prominent services promoted at ERA. For all its behemoth reputation, the Google booth appeared slow. This poor gentlemen could barely be bothered to stay awake. Perhaps they too could have benefited from a bit of midget frivolity.
Other booths offer patent services to inventors who are certain they’ve come up with the newest pet rock. This cheery man was very excited to demonstrate his camera umbrella, and admittedly it worked. There was no rain damage to his equipment…inside the ballroom.
But it hasn’t all been midgets and models. Meetings and messages have been our focus. Meeting with our existing clients and looking for new opportunities. Our message has been clear – ADS On Demand is the future. With a full suite of services from video development to manufacturing and asset management, it’s evident that The ADS Group is infiltrating its next market – direct to consumer products that use video infomercial marketing.