WCCO Good Question – Are DVDs Dead?

The recently announced splitting of Netflix services has the masses in an uproar. Moving forward, their DVD by mail program will  be taken over by Qwikster and be run and billed independently of their streaming services. This is prompting the public to ask a question.

WCCO-4’s Jamie Yuccas turned to us for the answer – a resounding NO. Mitch Waters, Executive Producer at Studio 120, spoke with Jamie for WCCO’s Good Question segment.
We at The ADS Group replicate about 80,000 DVDs per day – for markets that vary from the healthcare industry to the supplemental information included with high price point products. Streaming is a great option for a retail giant like Netflix, and will certainly change trends in the media industry, but there remain myriad applications for a tangible product.
As we continue to grow our suite of services, streaming and content on demand is already becoming a larger piece of the puzzle, but physical discs are – and will likely remain – our brick and mortar for the next few years.