Cities 97 Sampler Countdown

With only two weeks to go until the Cities 97 Sampler Volume 23 drops, we’re staying buzzy and busy.

Today we’ve had press on site shooting footage of the manufacturing process. Stay tuned to Channel 12, WCCO 4 News, Kare 11 or Twin Cities Live for your sneak peek behind the scenes!

WCCO 4 News shooting footage of replication,
the process of molding a CD from raw materials

These discs have been replicated and printed and are ready
to head to the assembly area for packaging

One of the many smiling faces
behind the Cities 97 Sampler

Each of the 33,000 Samplers is packaged by hand

Mike Johnson, News Anchor for Channel 12
Connie Comeau, our COO, chatting with the press
about our involvement with this amazing project