Baby, It's Cold Outside

The low temperature tonight in Minnesota will hover around 23 degrees. Cold as that might sound, in just a few short months, we’ll be aching for the mercury to crack 20.
For upwards of ten thousand Minnesotans, a cold night doesn’t mean an extra blanket or a cup of cocoa by the fire. It means survival.

One of our clients, IOCP, kicked off its annual sleepout event this past weekend. The event raises both awareness of and funds to fight homelessness. CLICK HERE for more information about how to support the 2011 Sleepout.

Peter Larson, an energetic local teenager, slept out 30 consecutive nights last year – that’s a whole lot of chilly! See his tips on staying warm against the odds.


Whether it’s warm enough or not, we’ll take our hats off in honor of Peter and his enthusiasm for this cause that hits – well –  closer to home than most of us may ever realize.