Sampler Volume 23 – On Sale Now!

Today’s the day!

As the mercury dropped to 17 degrees last night, most of us were tucked snugly beneath our warm comforters. But 33,000 Minnesotans are braving the cold to wait in line at area Target stores for their copy of the Cities 97 Sampler, Volume 23.

For $25.97, they are getting bragging rights. It’s COLD outside.

For $25.97, they are getting 19 exclusive tracks recorded specifically for the Sampler by artists around the world.

For $25.97, they are helping to support dozens of charities in our community. Perhaps these funds will buy comforters for those who don’t have the luxury of being snuggled beneath their own on a cold November morning.

It’s cold outside, but we Minnesotans have warm hearts.

Thank you to everyone for supporting this year’s Sampler!