A Rock Star in Our Midst

Third from left: Jac Cornelius,
one of our ROCK STAR account managers

Although the bulk of our business is corporate B2B, often people hear the word CD and their mind turns immediately to music. At The ADS Group, we’ve long been proud partners to Cities 97 on their annual sampler album, which always features one or two local bands who are bursting into the scene.

We aren’t a record label and we aren’t primarily an audio house, but we do love our music – and our team. From time to time, we’ll introduce you to musicians we know and love.

Meet Jac Cornelius. By day, he’s an Account Manager at The ADS Group – but by night, he’s the guitarist for The Union Suits, an alt-country band here in Minneapolis.

Their debut album will be out early next year and you can catch them every Sunday night at the Nomad pub. Check them out on Facebook to keep in the loop on upcoming gigs.

Maybe we’ll see you at the Nomad?

And who knows? Maybe YOU’LL see Jac on the Sampler some year.