Megaupload: A Mega Mess recently published an article about the seizure of Megaupload – the world’s largest hosting site for illegally obtained content. Seven of the people charged in the scandal are now facing charges that carry up to 20 years in prison.

20 years in prison.

Content piracy is a huge concern globally. Megaupload, for example, has been estimated to have caused over a half a billion dollars in damage to the legal copyright holders of the content they’ve been hosting.

At The ADS Group, we treat your intellectual property with care and respect. We’re a certified anti-piracy plant, recognized by the CDSA. Every disc that is replicated in our plant is backed by an Intellectual Property Rights form verifying ownership of the content. It’s how we’d want our assets handled, and it’s how we’re commited to handling yours.

Frankly, we’ve heard the three squares served in prison aren’t really all that tasty.