Last night we celebrated.

After a heart attack nearly killed him last year, seeing Bobby Z take the stage at First Avenue was truly miraculous. The Revolution unleashed on a packed house in support of the American Heart Association and My Purple Heart.

Last night we celebrated.

Bobby wasn’t the only one there by grace, or even the only coworker of ours we’re lucky to still have in our midst. Two of our people photographed in this blog post have also suffered heart attacks in the past four years.

Last night we celebrated.

We celebrated Bobby’s recovery.

We celebrated his choice to use his name and his talents to raise funds for the research and treatment of heart disease.

We celebrated the recovery of our colleagues, our friends.

We celebrated life.

You may have missed the show, but you can still support the cause. Give generously to the American Heart Association and to My Purple Heart, so that we can all continue to celebrate life.