MicroGrants Video

MicroGrants is the brainchild of local resident Joe Selvaggio. He believes that good ideas come from all around us and sometimes low-income people simply need a small boost to help them move forward with their dreams.

MicroGrants offers small grants to people in the Twin Cities to pursue and further their small business goals. A typical grant is $1,000, and they are used to purchase items such as computers for home-based businesses, construction tools, office equipment and supplies, books, job training, tuition and more. Last fall, MicroGrants was put in touch with our crew at Studio 120 and we helped them to develop a marketing video to raise awareness of the positive impact they are bringing into our community.

We are proud to announce that MicroGrants Work! has been honored with a 2012 Telly Award. Selected from nearly 11,000 applicants across the country, it is truly exciting to have been a part of such a project.

Click here to learn more about MicroGrants and to see the award-winning video, or click here to read the article in Twin Cities Business.

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