Screaming for Streaming

According to the Nielsen U.S. Digital Consumer Report released in April, about one third of American consumers streamed a movie or television show from the Internet in the third and fourth quarter of 2011.

In a world where our devices give us myriad ways to consume content, we’re hungrier than ever for information yet never less patient.

Enter video on demand.

Subscriptions services like Netflix and Hulu have revolutionized the way we watch TV and movies. With the click of a remote or your mouse, you can stream your shows and watch instantly.

Are you a special interest content provider?

Call us to explore ADS On Demand. We offer a flexible video streaming service that you can use to capitalize on this shift of thought while expanding options for your clients. Using a customized video player embedded into your website, you can give your market more options…on a disc…online…on demand.

Incorporating a streaming platform will allow you to generate revenue using a combination of pay-per-view and subscription formatting and transactions are handled securely through an online payment gateway. Our real time reporting functions will help you capture critical data about your viewers.

Streaming services are a fantastic complement to the physical media you are already providing and offering a robust library of titles with multiple consumption options is just smart business in this face-paced world.

Don’t miss out on this additional profit center – call us today at 800-759-0992!