Formula for Hope

Yesterday we had the honor of filming the Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery’s Formula for Hope. An annual fundraiser luncheon to benefit the Crisis Nursery, the event included notable speakers and some very moving stories.

The Crisis Nursery provides a safe place for parents to leave their children for up to three days while they are tackling family issues. The nursery provides food, shelter, and peace for these children as well as a library of resources for the parents.

Last year’s luncheon raised over $400,000 and with the 850 attendees this year, we can only hope to shatter that number.

The nursery offers critical social services for families on the brink of disaster and provides them tools to build stronger, healthier family relationships in the future. This is an initiative we can’t afford not to support as a community.

Please check out their website for more information about the needed services they provide to keep our children safe, and give generously of your money and your time.