United Way Campaign Week

The ADS Group is proud to be hosting a campaign week in support of the Greater Twin Cities United Way! We’ve scheduled a week full of contests and events to raise money to fight poverty within our community.

Reps at United Way are always available to help companies facilitate such a campaign and they make it very simple to do so. They provide signage and literature, and speak at your kickoff meeting about the impact our dollars make right here in our own neighborhoods. They’ll also provide a helpful list of activities other companies have successfully hosted during their own campaigns, to aid in planning.

Our goal is this week is to raise both money and awareness. Small donations add up and there’s no denying the incredible power of teamwork. We’re proud of our people for embracing these events with enthusiasm – and perhaps a tiny bit of competitive spirit.

Our department managers are panhandling for change today and we may have to play referee. Rumors of extortion and blackmail are flying. Nobody wants to be the manager with the least amount of funds raised, so perhaps there are threats circulating of withholding departmental services until donations are made.

If you’re in the Twin Cities area and interested in hosting a campaign of your own, get in touch with Tim Anderson to find out how you can help!

Tim Anderson
Greater Twin Cities United Way