Are You Ready to Rock!?

The ADS Group has a diverse set of clients working in a profession with a demand for CDs and DVDs. We value the success of our customers as well as their business and want to help them further their careers in whatever it may be.

The ADS Group currently opted to reach out to artists in the music industry. We understand that there is an abundance of musical talent that goes unnoticed. In order to help performers create a presence in the industry we have formulated a contest to help them gain exposure.

If you are someone who has a musical talent that you would like to share, simply submit your link and a brief description of your talent to and have a chance to win 1000 packaged CDs and DVDs. We encourage you to promote your link to your fans to gain publicity as well as give your supporters the ability to feel like they played a part in your success.

The ADS Group will promote the video of the candidate with the most votes on our website, Facebook, Blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In addition, other prizes will be offered to contenders who creatively incorporate The ADS Group into their videos.

If you are someone who enjoys music and would like to be a supporter to start-up musicians, please be sure to vote May 2nd through May 15th for your favorite video.

Good Luck!