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Create a successful video for your website in 6 simple steps!

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Step one: Determine what you are selling and what message you want to convey to your audience. Are you launching a new product or service that you want your audience to be aware of? Is it a demonstration of how to accurately use your product? Or are you simply asserting to your audience what your company does and why they should choose you.

Step two: Define your demographic. What age group, gender, level of education, ethnicity, and/or income bracket are you targeting your product or service towards? Maybe you are a small business owner selling high fashion retail through your website. Your target audience is women, in their mid to late 30’s, bachelor’s degree, career driven and making $40,000-$60,000 a year.

Step Three: Decide how you are going to deliver your message. Will your product feature live footage? Will it be comical? Theatrical? Educational and genuine, or happy-go-lucky and dynamic? Then you need to figure out how you want it present. Is there going to be a narrator on or off screen? Will there be music and words? What sort of emotions and response do you want to draw from your audience? Maybe your objective is to launch your new line of women’s business suits. You are executing a video for your website that has footage of your latest fashion show and customer testimonials. You want your video to be upbeat and trendy as well as clearly demonstrate what you are selling.

Step Four: Every story has a beginning, middle, and an end. That is essentially what you are doing when you construct a video for your website, you are telling a story. You have to decide how you are going to grab your viewers’ attention in the beginning of the video in order to spike their interest enough to watch it all the way through. They have already shown enough interest to visit your website, now you have to keep them there! The middle should balance excitement and facts, and the end should express an influential call to action that can’t be overlooked.

Step Five: Keep the length of your video short. You may have a lot to say, but encompassing all elements of your company is not the point. The point is to highlight key points and entice your visitor to explore the rest of your website, or even better, make a purchasing decision.

Step Six: Once you have determined the message you want to construe to your audience, it is time for execution. The ADS Group and Studio 120 can assist you from start to finish in the development and implementation of your online video, resulting in increased web traffic, revenue growth, and the overall success of your business.

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