Why go to Hollywood, when Hollywood can come to Minnesota?

On November 12th, 2013, Studio 120 an award-winning multimedia production house will be producing a video for the elected winner of its “Are You a Fitness Star” contest. The campaign drove in a high volume of contestants from all over the country, but it was Angela Leigh’s video submission that stood out amongst the rest. Angela works at Equinox, a well-renown fitness center based out of Southern California. She has made a strong name for herself in her community by mastering her craft in group training classes such as yoga and cycling. She also coaches fitness instructors at Equinox trending routines to keep its programs up to date and innovative. In addition, Angela has developed a new program called “Stacked” that she recently demonstrated in a digital version of Self Magazine.

The stage is set for Angela’s arrival. The shoot will take place at 514 Studios, located in Minneapolis. Studio 120, will work closely with Angela in creating her vision from start to finish. The shoot will be staffed with a full camera crew, director, producer and sound specialist to capture Angela’s every move when executing her fitness routine on camera. Once filming it is complete, the content will be edited and authored by the talented staff of Studio 120. From there, the content will be made into a master, replicated and package by The ADS Group. These actions will all take place under one roof.

Studio 120’s objective is to convey a strong message that fitness professionals do not have to look outside the Midwest for quality video production, it can be done right here in the state of Minnesota at an extremely competitive cost.