Repeal B2B Taxes


 The 2013 Legislators in Minnesota approved numerous changes in tax laws that will have a large impact on businesses. Among the new costs fronting Minnesota businesses is the protracted sales tax on business-to business services. Companies will now have to pay 6.875% state sales tax, in addition to any local sales tax, on three substantial categories; equipment repair, purchases of telecommunication equipment, and commercial warehousing services.

The United for Jobs Coalition, led by Minnesota Chambers of Commerce are working against this asking the legislative leaders to repeal more than $300 million in new business taxes. In the initial stages of the process they defeated Governor Dayton’s sales tax on B2B transactions, but the final budget passed on the three tax categories listed above.

s printing industry have stepped in as well. In an effort to convince MN legislators to repeal the recently implemented business to business taxes, PIM members and The ADS Group/Studio 120, have produced a five-minute video. The video features industry leaders voicing their apprehensions relative to how the recently executed business taxes have affected their businesses and plans for development.



It is important to be aware of these tax increases for it may affect your company as well. If you would like to be a part of the coalition in working to defeat these taxes, contact our lawmakers and ask them to make this a No. 1 priority during the first week of the 2014 Legislative Session, beginning Feb. 25. For additional ways to support this initiative, contact Jennifer Byers at the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, 651.292.4673 or

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