Closed Captioning for Internet Protocol-It’s the Law!








New laws have been passed through the EU and FCC mandating that all television programs must include closed captioning and subtitling united with multi-region delivery. Unfortunately there is no way around this; Closed Captioning (CC) and subtitling are customary components of the multi-media delivery development.

Studio 120 is capable of supplying a variety of possibilities in transforming your content so that it meets FCC requirements on closed caption and subtitling. Its full captioning services include but are not limited to;

•Text sync
•Exporting & importing media formats
   o Broadcast distribution
   o Video tape
   o Optical disc (DVD and Blu-Ray)
   o Streaming Media

The ADS Group’s Studio 120 prides themselves on their accuracy, both in text and timing. They have years of experience with foreign languages, making them a prime resource for translations to any language you can think of. Studio 120 does all of its captioning on site allowing for faster turn times.

Accurate management of your subtitles and Closed Captions along with your MXF production files (A file format for the exchange of program material between servers, tape streamers and to digital archives) will make the process less complicated when your content is played on tablets, smartphones, online streaming, VoD or DTT service.

Closed Captioning for internet protocol is mandatory! If you are a distributer of online media and need Closed Captioning and subtitling, contact Studio 120 today!