How to Create a Captivating Marketing Video

  1.  Educate
    Tell people about your products and services. Give them a reason to go with you over your competitors. Highlight key features and benefits to your product or service as well as everything they will receive after they make the purchase.[kaltura-widget uiconfid=”11958342″ entryid=”1_5x93ozul” width=”400″ height=”333″ /]
  2. Answer Questions
    No one knows your business better than you.  I am sure that there is a sequence of frequently asked questions that members of your staff get asked on a daily basis. Use your marketing video to quickly address these questions, so that when your prospects reach out to you, they are one step closer to making their purchasing decision.[kaltura-widget uiconfid=”11958342″ entryid=”1_o84n37lg” width=”400″ height=”333″ /]
  3. Do a product review
    Highlight a product or service in your niche and do an assessment on the key features and benefits of it.[kaltura-widget uiconfid=”11958342″ entryid=”1_go0xe5zp” width=”400″ height=”333″ /]
  4. Grow your list
    Expand your client base. Reach out to potential prospects and offer them a discount or promotion for joining your mailing list. Or create a “how to” tutorial, or consulting video that will draw them in enough to want to take a closer look into what your company does and how it can meet their personal or business requirements.
  5. Incorporate a case study
    Create a case study in the form of a video regarding a product or service you sold and how it benefited your customer. You can also illustration a scenario where someone did not follow your technique or guidance your company provides, and failed. Lastly, testimonials are always a great tool; it is smart to include positive statements from your most satisfied customers or simply comprise customer quotes into segments of your video.[kaltura-widget uiconfid=”11958342″ entryid=”1_spk6r2vz” width=”400″ height=”333″ /]
  6. Tell a Story
    When marketing to potential clients, teach them about your business by telling a story about your company. How did your company originate? What new developments have you included in your product and services overtime? What makes your company standout from all the rest? Give your viewers a peek inside your business and let them in on a few of your business secrets on how you organize your business, and what structure you use to get things done.[kaltura-widget uiconfid=”11958342″ entryid=”1_nlzvw86f” width=”400″ height=”333″ /]
  7. Launch
    There are endless possibilities to gain exposure to your video other than just hosting it on your website. Utilize all mediums of social media outlets to reach your target audience such as E-mail blasts, blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Etc. These web based platforms make it easy to monitor the coverage your video is getting and how well it is linking your viewers back to your website.

Marketing videos are a very powerful and tactful tool when trying to reach and relate to your target audience. If done well, it can have a large impact on the success of your business. If you are interested in learning more on how to create an effective marketing video, please contact Studio 120 today.

Katie Andrews