Create an Impactful Marketing Video in 5 Simple Steps

Create an Impactful Marketing Video in 5 Simple Steps


It has been said that a picture is worth 1000 words, but how many words is a video worth? A one minute video is capable of producing 1.8 million words. So now ask yourself, what would you say about your company in 1.8 million words?

Here are 5 simple steps in creating a successful marketing video

1. Recognize your needs and set an objective

What is it you are trying to achieve: increased traffic to your website, longer time spent on site, greater number of sales conversions, branding, product promotion?  Understanding your goals will give you a jumping off point in forming a concept for your video.

2. Know your Audience
The content you create depends on who your demographic is and how you want to reach them. For example, some audiences prefer humor; others prefer statistics, numbers and facts. Does your product or service provide the correct solution to your audience’s problem? Are you using the appropriate language to demonstrate the solutions you offer so that you’re viewers are capable of linking it with their problem?  Exhuming what your audience wants can be an exhaustive process, but if executed correctly, will greatly increase the chances that your audience will consume it.

3. Build trust

Use your video to build trust with your viewers. Teach them about your business by telling a story about your company. How did your company originate? What new developments have you included in your product and services overtime? What makes your company standout from all the rest? Give your viewers a peek inside your business and let them in on a few of your business secrets on how you organize your business, and what structure you use to get things done.

4. Call to Action

It is very important to have a call to action somewhere in or around your video.Some of the best CTAs begin with simple commanding verbs:

  • Click
  • Buy
  • Listen
  • Download
  • Watch
  • Share

Start with the basics – the action words – then add to your CTA as you refine the target.

5. Evaluate your resources


Make sure you note what your video production capabilities and limitations are.  Are you going to be creating your video in-house, or do you plan bring in third party assistance?  Do you have access to quality and up to date video production equipment and software, or are you using a smartphone paired with an online editing program?  No matter what your assets are, understanding what you have to work with will help you plan the scope and scale of your video.

Marketing videos are a very powerful and tactful tool when trying to reach and relate to your target audience. If done well, it can have a large impact on the success of your business. If you are interested in learning more on how to create a successful marketing video or if you would like help with video/audio production, editing, and scripting please contact Studio 120 today.

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