7 Office Pet Peeves We All Encounter

7 Office Pet Peeves We All Encounter
Happy Monday! Here is to looking forward to a week of great service, exceptional sales numbers, and spending quality time with fellow co-workers. Cheers!


1. The feeling that you get when you pick up the pot of coffee in the lunch room to find just enough left to fill the bottom portion of your cup.












2. The fear of using the restroom at the workplace never seems to lesson, one fart and it is over! You find yourself delaying exiting the stall until your co-worker leaves the room and lemme tell ya, sometimes that can take a while apparently singing the entire birthday song while your hands, applies to some.













3. And let’s face it.. we all have those co-workers that we just want to smack over the head

4. The dreadful moment in time when a co-worker is at your desk yakking in your face as you nonchalantly push your box of mints closer and closer to them with your elbow.











5. Customers just add a little something extra to your day!













6. This just says it all!

7. And finally.. your typical weekly conference call.

Have a great rest of your evening!