3 Simple Ways to Successfully Use Web Keys for Direct Response Marketing

20150629_1554513 Simple Ways to Successfully Use Web Keys for Direct Response Marketing

Due to the majority of us acquiring our information online, web marketing and social media are becoming equally as imperative as TV media. This is why the web key is becoming a powerful marketing tool. The web key links both print and digital media. Marketers can integrate a web key into a brochure, handout, or mailing to enhance their message.

A web key plugs into the USB port of a computer similar to a USB flash drive. However, unlike a USB drive, a web key does not hold any accessible memory. The key holds just enough capacity to launch a website on the computer’s default web browser and directs the user to the website that has been programmed to open. The major advantage a web key has over a USB flash drive is it is a more affordable way to drive traffic to your website. When you combine the cost factor, increased web traffic and the ability to track how many distributed web keys were actually used, it is easy to see how influential the concept is.

1. Get Creative

Web Keys come in all shapes and sizes allowing you to create enticing promotional materials relevant to what you are selling. One of the most popular web keys is the credit card. Credit card web keys make it easy to perform 4-color printing, include company logo and are easy for people to store in their purse or a wallet. Take advantage of the unlimited, unique customization options and have fun with your marketing piece. For example, maybe you are promoting new kitchen appliances, beauty products, vitamins, power tools, etc. Create a web key shaped like a blender, lip stick, vitamin bottle, or screwdriver. The sky is the limit!

2. Give an incentive

A web key has a robust interest value and for the most part, anyone who receives one will likely plug it in to see exactly what it does. For those who might be a harder sell, capture their attention by giving them a reason to want to take that extra step. Maybe you have a new product out that you are promoting, give them a chance to win it. Create two subdomains, one that drives participants to the “winning page” and another that offers a coupon off their purchase.

3. Direct mailings are key

Web key mailings are ideal for a company releasing a new product or launching a new corporate site. As a result of the web keys light weight and paper thin material, mailing them is easy and very inexpensive. Web keys can also be inserted in Aspect Ratio Mailers to bring the cost down even more in addition to incorporate more information about your company.
The web key’s high-tech appearance brings your company up to date with 21st century technology all while delivering the message to your clientele that you are a competitive player in tech savvy market. Remember, the only limitation a web key possesses is a lack of imagination. Have fun with your marketing piece!

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