Physical Media Production

You receive top quality and most importantly peace of mind with all CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc or USB duplication.

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High quality, custom printing, quick turn-times, and multi color options.

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DVD & CD Manufacturing

The ADS Group is a leading provider of CD and DVD replication. We operate 24 hours a day, year round, with a daily replication capacity of over 250,000 discs, augmented by short-run duplication equipment. Clients receive top quality (we comply with all ISO standards), quick turn times, and high-resolution offset and spot color silk-screening. Our option of clear coating is another ADS Group difference – enhancing and protecting your disc face image.

Vinyl Pressing

The ADS Group introduces Vinyl Manufacturing!

All under one roof.   Mastering, Stampers, Label printing, Vinyl Pressing and Packaging.   One stop source for all your Vinyl wants and desires

  • In-house Mastering
  • In-house Stampers
  • In-house label print
  • full line of packaging options
  • No finger pointing – we handle all aspects of your project.

Blu-ray Disc Manufacturing

Blu-ray discs can store more information, making them ideal for high-definition full-length feature films.

The ADS Group is licensed and equipped to duplicate Blu-ray discs. If your project is on a larger scale, we’re happy to manage it for you. Please note that Blu-ray work carries a much higher unit price than a standard DVD, and turn times often run three to four weeks for manufacturing.

USB Duplication

USB flash drives are a compact and convenient way to deliver your next presentation, project or promotional materials. We have the equipment to customize and brand USB flash drives. We guarantee quick turn times, multiple color options, high quality, and the ability to fulfill custom orders.

Leave your media manufacturing to the masters.

Web Keys

The ADS Group introduces Web Keys a great marketing tool to be used for any industry!

Plug in Web Key into a computer or tablet USB Port and your designated web page will launch instantly. Take customers to your website, online catalog, or marketing presentation.

As a result of the Web Keys light weight they are very practical and cost-effective, the Web Key is ideal for your next marketing campaign.

  • Direct access to your designated URL in a flash
  • Easy plug & play
  • Change the URL anytime you want
  • No download necessary
  • Trackable

Remember, the only limitation a Web Key possesses is a lack of imagination. Have fun with your marketing piece!

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Leave your media manufacturing to the masters

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