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The ADS Group’s Studio 120, is an award-winning boutique multimedia production house. Whether you need a corporate identity video or a theatrical production, Studio 120’s producers and technicians will help you craft a richly visual piece. Our engineers will work in studio or on location to ensure we capture the best imagery and sound for your message.

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A high-end look in a standardized format – custom printed cardboard wallet with a plastic tray to hold the disc. Donec at euismod nibh.

Jewel Cases

A longstanding audio industry staple – economical and automatable. Donec at euismod nibh, eu bibendum quam.

Sleeves & Wallets

Custom printing in a variety of styles depending on how much copy you need. Donec at euismod nibh, eu bibendum quam.

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We program multimedia content for our customers to create a wide range of interactive support tools including identity videos, electronic product catalogs, animated read along text and illustrations, enhanced PowerPoint presentations incorporating full motion video and other software design support.

The ADS Group is a leading provider of DVD and CD replication. Our disc molding capacity has been tailored to meet our clients’ requirements 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 12 months a year – regardless of seasonal industry demands. Our investments in the latest and best equipment result in greatly enhanced manufacturing quality and efficiency.

Our daily replication capacity of over 250,000 discs is augmented by our short-run duplication equipment. In house glass mastering allows us greater control over product security and turn times. We offer high-resolution offset and spot color silk-screening and our option of clear coating is another ADS Group difference – enhancing and protecting your disc face image.

Regardless of the quantity or timing of your order, our strict compliance with all ISO standards assures top quality throughout every stage of manufacturing.

blue rayThe primary benefit of Blu-ray over a standard DVD is the amount of information that can be stored on the disc, and typically Blu-ray replication is used for high-definition full length feature films.

Very few optical disc manufacturers have Blu-ray licensing and technology. The ADS Group does not replicate Blu-ray discs, but we are licensed and have the equipment to duplicate  the discs. If your project is on a larger scale, we would be happy to  manage your Blu-ray project for you. Please note that Blu-ray replication carries a much higher unit price than a standard DVD, and turn times often run three to four weeks for manufacturing.

If you have further questions about Blu-ray technology, call us. We’re happy to help!

usbYour order done on a flash!

The ADS Group has just invested in new technologically advanced printing equipment to allow our clients to customize and brand USB flash drives.  We are now able to guarantee our clients:

  • Quick Turn Times
  • Multiple Color Options
  • High Quality
  • Custom Orders

USB flash drives are a compact and convenient way to deliver your next presentation, project or promotional materials. It’s easy to create a custom branded experience with our high quality flash drives. Our fast turn times and custom orders can accommodate almost any deadline.

blue rayWe can supply any type of custom jackets and sleeves, colored vinyl and picture discs, in addition to graphic design, mastering and drop shipping.

Complete your next vinyl project with the friendly staff at The ADS Group for an audiophile-approved sound.

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The copy of the data you provide for us to replicate or duplicate. Please keep a copy of your files for your own record.

CD Duplication/Replication

Furnish your data on a high-grade CD-R burned at 4X or 8X

DVD Duplication/Replication

Please furnish your data on a high-grade DVD-R burned at 4X or 8X

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