ADS On Demand is a unique online platform designed to capture revenue by allowing your clients to download your video content online.

Take control of your content.

What’s included:

 Shop – a shopping environment customized with your logo and branding that launches right from your website.


 Cloud – a cloud based system delivering downloads with amazing speed.


• Player – This IP addressable video player is placed on your client’s hard drive ready to watch your HD video content.


• Share – Your clients can share your video content with their phone and pad using easy to Apps. They CANNOT share with the world with IP addressable technology similar to iTunes.


• Dashboard – real time sales reports, customer information, shop editor and much more.


• Back end – All monetary transactions are handled for you. Your account is reconciled at the end of each month with funds being placed in your Pay Pal account.


• Social media – create links to promote content on social media and increase profitability.


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