Idea World Fitness 2014

Idea World Fitness 2014

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About Studio 120

Studio 120 is a multimedia production company located in Minneapolis, MN. They have executed several successful, innovative fitness videos for their clients at an affordable rate. In fact, most of Studio 120’s  clients do not live locally; they have found they receive the same quality videos for a lower cost then what is offered to them in cities like Los Angeles and New York.

Studio 120 has connections with a wide range of venues around the Twin Cities for their clients to choose from. Studio’s team works closely with their clients to bring their visions to life.
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Case Studies

Meet Kershel

Kershel is the creator of Kerboomka. KerBoomKa originated through trial and error when Kershel was living in Florida at the time teaching fitness classes at a local gym. Through his classes, his passion for dance began to become prevalent in his fitness routines. Overtime, he successfully constructed a dance cardio class that is designed to transform clients’ workout experience and the way they think about fitness. Kerboomka stimulates mind and body with moves that are taught in three sections and in counts of 8. The steps are repeated so they can be remembered easily. The music played over the duration of the course, picks up speed to encourage participants to work harder and faster, ultimately burning more calories.

The ADS Group’s Studio 120 had the pleasure of working with Kershel and his team of fitness experts. They flew to Minneapolis, Minnesota from New York, NY to film a full-length choreographed fitness dance routine in order to share their love of dance and fitness with people who want to participate in the comfort of their own homes. The shoot took place at Profile Event Center, a beautiful venue with adjustable lighting, hardwood floors, and vaulted ceilings giving it an inviting and unique club atmosphere.

Meet Benjamin

Benjamin is a Dancer, celebrity choreographer and founder of GROOV3. Similar to Kerboomka, GROOV3 is a “feel-good, dance-party workout” that Elle Magazine has called, “L.A. coolest all-levels dance class.”
Ben grew up in Tucson, AZ, and at an early age developed a passion for dance. He took liberty of every advantage he had to show off his moves. It wasn’t until college, while Ben was earning a B.S. degree in Business and Communications at Arizona State University, he learned a cardio-dance class designed for all levels, and his appetite for dance was ignited. After college, he packed up his bags and moved to Los Angeles to make his name in show business. It didn’t take long before he gained recognition as a dancer and performer and began choreographing routines for major players in Hollywood; and Drew Barrymore.

Ben flew down from LA to film his shoot with Studio 120 at Aria, an event center located in Minneapolis. Aria provided a rustic, underground look and feel to help accent the type of dance Ben expresses through his workout routines. In addition Studio 120 hired 30 backup dancers to give the video a dance club, themed vibe.

Meet Angela

Angela Leigh was the elected winner of The ADS Group and Studio 120’s “Are You a Fitness Star” contest. The campaign drove in a high volume of contestants from all over the country, but it was Angela Leigh’s video submission that stood out amongst the rest. Angela works at Equinox, a well-renown fitness center based out of Southern California. She has made a strong name for herself in her community by mastering her craft in group training classes such as yoga and cycling. She also coaches fitness instructors at Equinox trending routines to keep its programs up to date and innovative. In addition, Angela has developed a new program called “Stacked” that she recently demonstrated in a digital version of Self Magazine.

The stage was set for Angela’s arrival. The shoot took place at Profile Event Center, located in Minneapolis. Studio 120, worked closely with Angela in creating her vision from start to finish. The shoot was staffed with a full camera crew, director, producer and sound specialist to capture Angela’s every move when executing her fitness routine on camera. Once filming was completed, the content was edited and authored by the talented staff of Studio 120. From there, the content was made into a master, replicated and packaged by The ADS Group.

Meet Kirk

Kirk is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. He has strengthened the minds and bodies of individuals of all levels of endurance. The results are breathtaking and a huge self confidence boost. Kirk takes a different approach on fitness coaching by inspiring the desire to work hard and challenge people looking to make a change in their lifestyle by engaging them in fun and exciting programs.

Kirk’s newest fitness routine, Jab Jam is an innovative and exciting boxing conditional workout. His method will burn maximum calories, by focusing on cardio, core and coordination. Jab Jam is compelled by powerful movements of boxing and kickboxing executed with the help of a fun and recurrent number system that will allow participants to throw practiced amalgamations like the pros. What makes this workout even more unique and enjoyable is the responsibility of the beat and staying in sync with your workout partner.

Kirk worked with Studio 120 in the implementation of his promotional fitness video for his website. Promotional videos are a great way to reach larger audiences, make a stronger impact, and clearly demonstrate your credibility as a fitness professional.