The Dirt on ERA

An intimate show, ERA is hosted in two ballrooms – one side devoted to products and the other to service providers. In speaking with folks who are seasoned ERA veterans, the most noticeable shifts have been the surge of payment processing service providers and specialized law advisors. Google is new on the ERA scene, and their booth is focused on selling television ad space.

The products run the gamut – Wuggles, Ahh Bras, cooler trees and off-brand Spanx – but the focus is definitely on fitness products; great news for us as its a market we’re very focused on currently.

Foot traffic started out slow, but built to a moderate pace that still allowed for taking the time to really chat with our visitors. Meetings went off without a hitch and we had a huge client stop by just to say how happy they are with The ADS Group.
Now it’s back to the floor for more ERA action. Stay tuned for more dirt.