The Secret Skills of our Super Staff

Company potlucks are a long loved tradition. Who doesn’t enjoy sampling so much homemade food?

Yesterday we held a Holiday Potluck for all of our employees and the usual (delicious) suspects were there – spicy tamales, a pot of fragrant Mexican soup, and every appetizer and sweet under the sun.

We had an Ugly Sweater contest and a White Elephant gift exchange, but we didn’t think to make the potluck itself competitive. And that’s probably good, because none of us could have held a candle to Pilar, a woman who works in our assembly area.

These are frosting flowers encased in flan. Each one was the size of a baseball and she made two platters full of them. Entirely edible, totally creative and absolutely stunning.
When asked how long it took?
Oh….just two or three DAYS.

The incredibly talented Pilar, and her supervisor Linda
So even though we didn’t have a Most Creative Contribution contest for the potluck, we all know that Pilar is the winner!
Thank you, Pilar, for taking the time to make our party so pretty!