emPower Music & Arts

Well, winter has finally arrived in Minnesota today so our sales reps are clamoring to head for the beach. If you’re in the Orlando area, stop by and say hi to Ed Bonach, who will be exhibiting at the Posi Music Festival this weekend.

Ed swears he’ll be meeting clients and working our booth, but a quick review of the emPower website reveals why he’s really going.

emPower is a community of musicians, authors and speakers committed to using their gifts to promote positive change in the world…and all this? While they are wearing their pajamas!

On Friday night, the emPower Festival will host its annual Pajama Jam concert series – so saddle up in your footie pajamas, grab your blankie and come on out for some great music and great folks.

One quick request, though – don’t report back on what kind of jammies Ed wears. We’d really rather not know.