Taste of the Timberwolves

Last night we donned our finest fine finery and hobnobbed with the T-Wolves. Taste of the Timberwolves is an annual gala to raise money for the FastBreak Foundation, the Wolves’ youth community program, and we were lucky enough to be invited.

Hosted at the Target Center, we played meet and greet while noshing on tasty snacks from area restaurants. There was a silent auction loaded with goodies and the live auction included such prizes as a road trip with the team or an afternoon fishing with Nikola Pekovic.

The players were gracious, the food was delicious and good times were had by all. Now we’re just excited to hear the results of how much funding the event raised for Minnesota kids.

 Mike practicing his benevolent face, 
Chris practicing his happy face and Mitch….
well, we’re not sure what Mitch is thinking.
 A quick sales meeting before the gala.

 Todd looks happy to be bidding at the live auction.
Er, wait – that’s because he’s using Tricia’s bid card!

 Our sales team never gets a break – 
they’re always networking.
 Ricky giving the coach some pointers.
 Tricia and…a really tall guy who plays ball…
 In line for the Wheel O’ Prizes!
Ricky wanted Ricky’s autograph but we said we
don’t let our sales guys sign autographs unless they’re on
ADS-branded merchandise…

 Getting a little Love.