Keep us Weird

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The slogan here is Keep Austin Weird, so what better place for SXSW? The whole town is packed full of creatives and those who market toward and service them. Musicians, film makers, comedians – people travel here to further those dreams and it’s wholly evident on the streets of Austin.

Young kids with purple hair. Grizzled sound guys who’ve been on the road for decades and seen it all. Hipsters, salesmen and young entrepreneurs. Without this diversity, SXSW wouldn’t be as enormous or attractive as it is.

Maybe it’s why we’re having such a great time -we’ve got a pretty diverse crew in town, too.

Justin & Ed just doin’ their thing

Mitch is a seasoned veteran of the television world, and we lost him somewhere in the Interactive Festival. There are so many contacts he may never surface.

Justin and Ed have backgrounds in music – they used to comprise together half of a band, now they form part of the COPYCATS sales team.. They’re tearing up the trade show booth by day, meeting with current clients and looking for new ones, and they’re tearing up the town by night.

One of many clients
we’ve met up with at SXSW

After a late night with clients Bridge Nine Records, Blood & Ink Records and 6131 Records, Justin still looked raring to go when the show opened again this morning. It may be possible to hook him up to an IV and serve Five Hour Energy drinks on tap.

Jac and The Union Suits are pounding the pavement and driving traffic to both our booth and Saturday’s music showcase. If you’re in Austin, join us at The Thirsty Nickel on Saturday from NOON – 6 PM.

We’re loving that our group here represents so many facets of The ADS Group. Mitch heads up Studio 120 and knows more than anyone ever needed to about video production, mobile applications and streaming platforms. Justin and Ed are pitching our COPYCATS division, which caters heavily toward artists and musicians – and in addition to being our marketing Man on the Street, Jac is giving us a glimpse of what SXSW is like behind the scenes for an aspiring band.

So maybe our slogan should be Keep The ADS Group Weird, because if weird is what it takes to serve ALL your media production needs, we’ve got you covered.