Project Homeless Connect

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Yesterday, the Minneapolis Convention Center was transformed.

Transformed into a one-stop service center aimed at removing some of the barriers facing our homeless population.

Transformed into a place of hope.

Project Homeless Connect included 400 services providers and 1100 volunteers, all there serving 2000 guests who are currently homeless or existing on the brink.

Hot meals, haircuts,hair replacement systems,  dental work, legal help, employment information and housing advocates. All gathered under one roof in a show of love for our community, donating time and talent to create a space where people could gather to receive information and critical services in one location.

Volunteers worked with guests on a one-on-one basis, escorting them through the maze of services and helping guests prioritize their plan of attack for the day. We shared stories and we shared lunch.

The goal is that the homeless left the convention center with a renewed sense of hope, and that the volunteers left the convention center with a renewed sense of purpose – eradicating these problems to the best of our ability.

The motto of Project Homeless Connect is Ending Homelessness, One Person at a Time. This is a great example of impact. If you think you’re too small to make a difference, think again. Even if you make a lasting impression or a hopeful connection with one person, you made that person’s day a little bit better.

Isn’t that reason enough to volunteer?

Project Homeless Connect runs these events twice a year and the next one will come around in December. We’ll be there again and we hope you will be, too.