360° Books

When it comes to providing our customers with a wide range of services to meet their product needs, the sky’s the limit! The ADS Group is proud to announce 360° Books.

360° Books is a set of tools to help you create engaging, interactive experiences. Take your product to the next level and maximize exposure with your target audience across virtually any medium. With 360° Books you can create:

Interactive Applications
These applications will allow your readers to become engaged with your content through the use of smart phones and tablets. By touching designated areas, your app can be programmed to link consumers to websites, graphs, charts, videos, and deliver a variety of different audio and sounds to create endless possibilities for your content.

Hardcover Books
Make a page turner out of your content by creating a hardcover, bound book. Despite all of the means of technology available, some consumers just like to kick back and enjoy the physical element of actually turning the page.

Allow your content to be purchased with a click of a button. Your customers can simply pick, click and download your book onto their computer, tablet, smartphone, eReader, etc.

The ADS Group has an in house studio, allowing you to bring your content to life by creating a video with your content. With the use of our cameras, green screen, producers, and editors you can turn your book inside out by putting it on the big screen.

Produce a CD out of your book. The ADS Group has on hand talent and script writers to send your content singing in your consumer’s ears. Want sound effects added? We do that too! Everything you need under one roof.

To learn more please contact sales@theadsgroup.com or call 763.449.5500.