The ADS Group Gets in Shape

Fly-Over Country to Become Leader in Fitness Video Production

Interior at Aria, Minneapolis

The ADS Group is a full service media development and distribution company, located in Plymouth, MN. Its audio and video production and CD/DVD manufacturing facilities is under one roof for a seamless delivery of customer content.

On April 16, 2013 The ADS Group will partner with U-Branded Productions to produce 8 fitness video trailers. These trailers will highlight a variety of dynamic fitness routines ranging anywhere from yoga to kickboxing. The video talent will be performed by renowned fitness professionals from across the US.

The ADS Group’s Studio 120 will assist in the direction and production of these 8 fitness trailers by utilizing its state of the art camera equipment. Filming is set to take place on April 16th at Aria, a popular venue located in the North Loop of Minneapolis. During the duration of filming, two cameras units will be used. Camera Unit A is a 3 broadcast camera that will be filming simultaneously throughout the shoot and camera Unit B, an AF100 film styled camera that operates using prime lenses. In addition the green screen located on stage 108 in The ADS Groups campus will be used for the introduction of each individual fitness trailer.

“I have worked in many levels of sports and fitness in broadcast television and I know these will prove Minneapolis is a center for fitness videos.”
                                                            –Mitch WatersStudio 120 Executive Producer


The ADS Group and Studio 120 are committed to showing consumers with a demand for high quality video production that they do not have to look outside the Midwest to find it. The ADS Group is a one stop shop to meet all clients video production needs whether it is on-line, on a disc, or On-demand, you can find it at The ADS Group, all under one roof.