Are you fit for Studio 120?

The ADS Group and Studio 120 offers a wide variety of products and services delivered to a diverse clientele. We specialize in CD and DVD replication and packaging but continue to evolve with technology. Currently we have been working hard to customize a plan in order to meet the needs of our fitness clients who generally come to us for CDs and DVDs of their content. We have learned from working with them over the years, the many steps that go into the creation of fitness videos. First it goes into production, then editing, authoring, and lastly replication.


Our clients have shared with us on multiple occasions the amount of stress, time and effort that goes into constructing a fitness video due to the tedious task of having to coordinate between multiple development companies. By the time the video is completed they find themselves overworked, tired, confused, and their pockets weigh a lot less then when they started.

The ADS Group’s Studio 120 is capable of delivering all its fitness clients’ needs from script to screen with its award winning video production and editing facility. In addition we recently partnered with video fitness experts U-Branded production as a watchful eye in the direction of creating our clients a successful video all under one roof.