Booking it to BEA

Book Expo America

Nothing is as simple and gratifying as purchasing a new book. The cover of a new book is always smooth and shiny; the pages lay flat and crisp. The chemical makeup of a book releases a mild odor of paper, ink, and glue as the pages flip from one to the next. The rewarding action of turning the page reveals a new sequence of words drawing its reader closer to the climax. Once the end is reached, the book can be neatly displayed on a bookshelf and referenced in future discussions.

Times have changed in the book industry over the last decade due to advancements in technology. Authors and readers are no longer restricted to bookstores and libraries, instead they can choose from multiple facets of electronic devices as well as a variety of different media outlets. Even though the physical element of turning the page may be gratifying and familiar, the convenience of simply clicking a button for instant access to unlimited resources online may turn reading a bound book into an old habit.

If you are an avid reader, writer, editor, or publisher, Book Expo America, located at the Javits Center in New York City is the place to be, come May 30th-June 1st. Exhibitors at BEA will be introducing a variety of new products and services on  how writers can effectively reach their readers with the use of different mediums. In addition this special event allows readers to come face to face with up–and–coming, bestseller, and, fan favorite, authors.

The ADS Group will also be attending BEA to meet with new and existing clients, in addition to launching its new 360° books.  360° Books encompasses an assortment of services that includes but is not limited to hardbound books, Interactive apps, eBooks, and video/audio.

If you are attending BEA please stop by our booth #2246 and see how we can accommodate your service needs!