A Quick Stretch to Success

The ADS Groups Studio 120 and U-Branded Productions is at it again, but this time targeting different areas of strength with Pilates, a popular workout that seeks to develop controlled movement from a strong core accomplished by a range of devices used to guide and train the body.

Our client Jodi Sussner, Director of Personal Training and Programming for Snap Fitness around the Twin Cities area, came to The ADS Group for the production, editing, replication, and streaming of her Pilates fitness video. Studio 120 got to work immediately, searching for the perfect venue that would be a suitable fit for Jodi’s video. They were on a roll when they came across Profile Event Center, located in Minneapolis off of University Avenue. This location created a relaxing and therapeutic environment in the filming of Jodi’s Pilates video due to the flowing white fabric backdrop and the adjustable mood lighting.

Action! Jodi demonstrated several types of body conditioning methods that helps to build flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance in the legs, abdominals, arms, hips, and back. The workout does not just happen on screen, it happens off screen as well. The level of movement that takes place while filming requires a variation of camera equipment. In Jodi’s shoot, Studio 120 and U-Branded used the new Black Magic Hyper Deck Recorder; the 4:2:2 color sampling recorded in Pro Res, which looked fantastic! They also used a Libec Jib and Libec Dolly with the track rail system to add camera motion to each exercise move.

That’s a wrap! Another successful day with the direction and filming of Lyssa and Terry from U-Branded who pay close attention to detail and know how to create a fitness video that sells. The accomplished Production and editing work demonstrated by Mitch and Jeff from Studio 120 and last but not least, our talent, Jodi whose Pilates training is effective, educational, and easy to follow.

Stay tuned to view video clips from Jodi’s workout with The ADS Group’s Studio 120.