You Need Magic!

In cliché and overly used marketing terms, it is the incredible, the awesome, the cool, the great, the Amazing Hondo! Hondo will be performing his mind-blowing magic tricks at the Alphabet Bash August 22nd, 2013 on behalf of The ADS Group and Studio 120. The ADS Group is the 6thlargest replication and packaging company in the US, housing Studio 120 a full-service media production facility.

Click link to check out Studio 120’s fun and entertaining marketing video on behalf of this event. Enjoy-

So hurry up, get your tickets to the Alphabet Bash and make sure to stop by our booth to watch The Amazing Hondo in action. With a swish of his wand, a shake of his hand and a little magician lingo, he will make all of your business and communication problems go POOF!