Print Showcase


Join us in attendance of the 2014 Print Showcase February 20th, at Dunwoody College of Technology. Make sure to stop by our booth #10![kaltura-widget uiconfid=”11958342″ entryid=”1_vnu4oiy1″ width=”400″ height=”333″ /]
Print Industry Midwest Identity Film
Produced by Studio 120

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B2B tax repeal video to legislation
Produced by Studio 120

The ADS Group is a full service media development and distribution company. Our audio and video production and CD/DVD manufacturing facilities are under one roof for a seamless delivery of your content.

From script to screen and everywhere in between, The ADS Group is ready to assist you. Whether you need a few hundred or a million-plus DVDs, CDs, or USB flash drives, we are your production partner. We have invested in the best replication, labeling, printing and packaging technology to ensure full service and unmatched quality.

Our mastering, replication, packaging and fulfillment operations serve customers
24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our full service multimedia development studio, graphic design, and customer service staff offer expert guidance for your next media project.

For more information contact us:

Katie Andrews