Mallory in Action

The ADS Group’s Studio 120 captured the heartwarming and inspirational story of Mallory Weggemann a Paralympic Gold Medalist swimmer. Mallory shared journal entries from her diary about her life changing accident that occurred on January 21, 2008. What happened that day changed Mallory’s life forever; she walked into the doctor’s office to receive an epidural injection to help treat back pain and never walked out. Complications with the injection caused her to go paralyzed from the waist down. Over time, Mallory was able to come to terms with her injury and was determined to pursue her passion for swimming again. Mallory states in a recent interview, “I have always loved the sport but when this happened I thought my days of swimming were over and when I realized I could still do it, well I will never forget that moment.”

Now in addition to being a Paralympic gold medalist, Mallory is an international speaker. She speaks out to tell her story and propose valuable lessons in leadership, defiance, and survival in the face of remarkable odds.

 Mallory broke World Records in swimming for:


Short Course

-50m freestyle
-100m freestyle
-200m freestyle
-400m freestyle
-50m butterfly
-200m freestyle relay

Long Course

-50m freestyle
-100m freestyle
-800m freestyle
-100m butterfly
-50m breaststroke
-100m breaststroke
-100m backstroke